Our Core Values

Wema Bank

Project: Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

With the successful transition in management of Wema Bank Plc, the new management commenced the quest towards greater heights through various transformation initiatives. In its bid to position the bank as a leader with strong focus on the customer and efficient service delivery, the new management decided to re-engineer its business processes to facilitate delivery of quality services to both internal workforce and ultimately the valued customers.


Our Approach/ What Infoworks did
Infoworks was engaged to review and redesign the Bank’s business processes; Branch operations, Domestic Operation, International Operations and General Service functions. By leveraging on its proven process re-engineering methodology Infoworks reviewed, analyzed and redesigned the existing business processes.


The Result
The Bank experienced improved operational efficiency indicated by reduced Turnaround time (TAT) for all the redesigned business processes. There was noticeable improvement in the efficiency of transaction processing, and the effectiveness of the supporting organization. Employees had a greater sense of responsibility, and were able to deliver high quality service to their customers as a result of knowing and owning the processes they support. This led to increased customer delight and positive commendations for the changes from customers. A pilot implementation of the redesigned business processes and organization was conducted across 3 branches of the bank to validate initial design assumptions and expected benefits.