Our Core Values


The dynamics of our environment place huge demands on our school administrators to embrace modern technologies to enable them engage their students beyond the four-walls of their schools, and manage ‘the modern parents’ to make them active participants in the school processes that impact the educational development of their wards.


It is in fulfilment of this need that Infoworks offers its flagship product –Schooltrack™, an online School Management system that seamlessly integrates school administration, the classroom and the home in a robust, low-cost and pervasive platform.


It is the fundamental believe of Infoworks Solutions that the future school is one that employs and leverages modern technology to manage its processes and provides real-time data to aid decision making by all stakeholders.


In this regard, we support our Education industry clients in preparing themselves for these challenges by translating their corporate strategy into tangible and sustainable organisational changes that make these organisations more able to deliver valuable services for all stakeholders (students, parents, education authorities and school promoter).